Tours (2017)

Explore the Caucasus with us!

Now in our twelfth season leading specialty tours in the Caucasus, our experience is working for you, the intrepid cultural traveler! With these new itineraries, we promise a cultural extravaganza of tastes and sounds, all while visiting Roman and Greek sites as well as monasteries from the early centuries of Christianity in the Caucasus. Marvel at original frescoes and the acoustics of these ancient halls of worship, while delighting in the finest in local wine and cuisine... come join us! See below for specific information:

Ancient Christianity in the Caucasus (Georgia & Armenia)

May 30th - June 10th

Travel Program… This newly developed tour program focuses on the most important Christian sites in Armenia and East Georgia. Our tour begins and ends in Tbilisi, the thriving cultural and business capital city of Georgia. On day 3, we travel south to Yerevan, the bustling capital city of Armenia... read more

Colchis & Svaneti: A Discover Georgia Tour

June 12th - 25th

Travel Program… We begin and end the tour in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (airport designation TBS) and a beautiful city that featured prominently on trade routes from Asia to Europe. The focus of this unique itinerary will be the ancient, medieval, and modern architectural and cultural monuments to the West... read more

Arts and Artisans of Georgia Cultural Tour

Sept 30th - Oct 9th

Travel Program… Beginning in Tbilisi, we visit the studios of local fresco painters, cloisonne jewelers, stone carvers, felters, and specialty sword-smiths to discover the rebirth of Georgian traditional arts. The travel program takes us out of the city to find the original locations for these arts and to discover rural artisans living and working outside of the city. Accompanied by singers, and featuring the best in local regional cuisines and wines, this tour is a feast for the senses. Contact us for more information!