With more than a decade of experience leading private tours in Georgia, we have built up a network of the best in hospitality, cuisine, music, and unique cultural experiences along our tour routes. We design and implement tour itineraries to fit your interests and schedules. Contact us to inquire about rates and availability.


+ Much of our expertise is oriented towards organizing bespoke tours for private groups. These tours can be tailored for special interests, length of time, accommodation and transportation type, as well as other variables. John is a responsive communicator and organizes impeccable logistics, as these group leader testimonials affirm. Consider contacting John Graham Tours to organize a memorable and enjoyable holiday for your group.


+ As a singer and ethnomusicologist, I have a broad network within the Georgian musical community. In 2019, I organized a performance tour for a 90-person professional choir from the United States. My team ably handles all logistics including flights, accommodation, airport transfers, in-country transportation, meals, optional cultural tours, venue booking, concert advertisements, guides, and importantly, interaction with local choirs and traditional singers. Please contact us for more information. See video here.


+ It is my great pleasure to organize tours for enthusiastic groups of botanists. Georgia and Armenia have incredibly diverse geography and topography, making these countries home to many diverse plants living at high and low altitudes, arid and/or wet environments, on limestone, basalt, or shale... visitors come to see rare orchids and ancient Yew trees but find so much more! Join us. John organizes professional guides and handles all the logistics with ease and class. Please contact us for more information. See our botany video playlist here.


Rooms Hotel Kazbegi

+ Over the last five years, many luxury hotels have opened around the Caucasus region, thus allowing far more itinerary options for those desiring high class accommodation. I can arrange any type of trip. I have years of experience curating unique itineraries for private groups interested in a refined experience, as evidenced by excellent recommendations which I can provide upon request. My guests enjoy personalized service from the beginning of the planning process through the end of the tour. The excellence of your tour is guaranteed with us!


+ Georgia is an ideal location for a conference for several reasons. Many international flights come through the Tbilisi International Airport everyday. It is a quick 90 minute drive from the airport to be in complete paradise in the Kakheti viticulture region of East Georgia. Large conference halls are available, as well as medium sized. Break-out session rooms are available for smaller meetings within the conference agenda. The food is incredible, and walking is abundant straight out the door. Rooms facing the Caucasus mountains afford inspirational views. Air is fresh, noise is reduced to the odd rooster in the village. JohnGrahamTours handles all logistics from start to finish with excellent communication, responsiveness, attention to detail, and sound advice on what will and will not work well. We are happy to assist with the organization of optional half-day or full-day excursions to visit some of the medieval churches in the area, and to learn about traditional wine-making techniques. Contact us for more details.



+ Despite war and turmoil through the centuries, viticulture is alive and well in the South Caucasus, the area that has been called the "birth-place" of wine. Come learn how the grape has been cultivated for thousands of years, and taste the essence of homemade wines. Fermented in buried earthenware amphoras called qvevri, this wine is only drunk accompanied by a variety of toasts, some to the ancestors, some to Gods. It will make you feel like you are tasting the warmth and life of sunbeams, concentrated in the grape, which may be one reason that cults of the Sun account for many pre-Christian rituals and songs. Experience wine the ancient way on one of our custom-designed tours.


+ Three-voiced polyphonic folk music mesmerizes everyone who hears it. This tour focuses on taking interested clientele to various parts of the country where different song cultures survive. A music focused trip, participants will be rehearsing several hours a day with instructors, and singing songs in the context of the music, i.e. in the fields for worksongs, travelers songs while walking, liturgical pieces in the churches, and around the dinner table for feast-songs. Tour leader John A. Graham has been singing, studying, and teaching Georgian folk and sacred music since 2002. Contact us to design a unique itinerary that fits your musical interests.


Georgian monk walks across medieval Rkoni single-arch "Tamar" bridge near Rkoni Monastery, Georgia. Seen on John Graham Tours.+ At our best, our tours combine elements of wine tourism, music tourism, bird-watching, architectural discovery, interactions with many different kinds of Georgians, and the finest in Georgian cuisine and hospitality. We have experience tailoring our itineraries to focus on particular areas of study, for example, medieval architecture, modern monasticism, mountain cultures and traditions, traditional music, and viticulture. See our existing cultural tours for ideas. Contact us to design a custom tour for your group.


+ Sometimes, there's no way to find those undiscovered places except by jeep. We know all of the forgotten places, and can craft an itinerary around any niche interest whether it be neolithic sites, fortress ruins, natural wonders, or eagle's nesting grounds. Georgia has a full range of rental jeeps, available with our highly qualified drivers. We'll help plan your trip, and make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime.


Hikers in the Simien National Park, on the Ethiopia Hiking tour organized by John Graham Tours.+ John is an avid explorer, and that means finding new trekking trails every year. Consider booking a trekking tour with us! We have an excellent team of hiking guides to make your trip memorable. Ask us for a sample brochure. See our existing walking tours for ideas. Contact us to design a custom tour for your group.