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Ancient Christianity in the Caucasus (Georgia & Armenia)

May 30th - June 10th

Travel Program… This newly developed tour program focuses on the most important Christian sites in Armenia and East Georgia. Our tour begins and ends in Tbilisi, the thriving cultural and business capital city of Georgia. On day 3, we travel south to Yerevan, the bustling capital city of Armenia... read more

Colchis & Svaneti: A Discover Georgia Tour

June 12th - 25th

Travel Program… We begin and end the tour in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (airport designation TBS) and a beautiful city that featured prominently on trade routes from Asia to Europe. The focus of this unique itinerary will be the ancient, medieval, and modern architectural and cultural monuments to the West... read more


Well, for starters, it was a fabulous tour that surpassed my expectations. You are a wonderful leader, John, and perhaps even without realizing it, you set the tone for a relaxed, informative, and fun experience... If anyone had any issue or problem, you tried to correct it immediately. So, we were all in exceptionally good hands. I can't thank Shergil and Soso enough for all of their amiability and -- best of all -- their beautiful voices!!

~ Tamara J. (Michigan, USA)

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Sounds of the Tour -- folk songs at the banquet table

Sounds of the Tour -- liturgical chant in churches

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